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100% Basingstoke Double CD Gatefold Artwork 

  • 'A lovingly put together CD' - Basingstoke Gazette
  • 'Award winning Gig of the Year' - Basingstoke Observer

100% Basingstoke is a hum-dinger of an album and achieved many 'firsts'.

  • It was available in 20 outlets - the most widely available album ever in the town.
  • It was saturated in the local press and radio.
  • It got on the telly.
  • It was the first release to feature hip-hop and electronica.
  • First release to feature 'under 18s' bands.
  • First town centre gig to 'allow' under 18s bands to play.
  • The longest and most diverse gig in the towns history.
  • Oodles of undiscovered talent came to the fore - entirely because of this album.
  • Bar profit smashing record breaker - still unmatched.
  • It was filmed which never happens in Basingstoke.
  • It is available worldwide.
  • In a word - Groundbreaking.

You can get yourself a copy of this in the online shop.

Online price is £6.50 which includes postage, packing and PayPal fees.


01 Enjoy Destroy – Music To Love You To
02 The Perishers – Sunchild
03 the Author – A ’Lil Bit About Me
04 Raz And Deenie – Max
05 Seductive Electric – Change Of Emotion

06 The Misnomer – Felt That
07 The Hey Lows – Deep In My Heart
08 Marc Railton – My O My
09 Soul Estate – The Process
10 All-Star Digital Groovecore Collective – Black Rock City

11 The Johnsons – Zombie Nightmares
12 The Marvels – Barren Land
13 Nige Rivers – John Barleycorn
14 DJ Tomi Kain – Positive Vibes
15 Knyt – Headklampin’

16 The Winter Olympics – Attention All Departments
17 Kalimoto – Levi
18 Raz – Children Of Another School Of Thought
19 GCee – My Creation

01 Between The Lines – White Noise And Wasted Time
02 Angelus – Give Me A Reason
03 Chasing Ghosts – Feel It
04 Drum Runners Featuring the Author – Strength
05 Immerss – Digitopolis

06 Fake The Attack! – Honey, I’ll Be Working Late Tonight, Don’t Wait Up For Me
07 Canterbury – Rumours Kill
08 Ellis Slater – Want Is A Perfect Killing Machine
09 Orange Rooms Productions – 3 High
10 Golden Pernicious – Philosophy

11 Innogen – Braille For The Night
12 Dream Infernal – My Darkest Day
13 Butterflies On Strings – Thomas Is My Friend [Demo]
14 Robbie Fraser – Journey To The Brown Rainbow
15 Tony Bailey – 30 De Marzo

16 Nadeen White – Little Bird
17 Ron Peploe – My Oh My
18 Chimp Off The Old Block – Monumental [Demo]


100% Basingstoke available worldwide on iTunes

Track Listing

Felt That - The Misnomer
Barren Land - The Marvels
Little Bird - Nadeen White
Black Rock City - The All Star Digital Groovecore Collective
Children Of Another School Of Thought - Raz
My O My - Ron Peploe
My Creation - GCee

Honey, I’ll Be Working Late Tonight, Don’t Wait Up For Me - Fake The Attack!
Feel It - Chasing Ghosts
Digitopolis - Immerss
Want Is A Perfect Killing Machine - Ellis Slater
3 High - Orange Rooms Productions
Philosophy - Golden Pernicious
Marys Song - Doctor Fast And The Meeble Graduation

Click the pic or click here to go to iTunes.


The double CD was launched with a 12 hour gig at The Light Lounge, Basingstoke - on Saturday November 3rd 2007. This was organised by Lozza with kitshare and sound provided by Dizzy Blonde Productions.

There are some videos from the gig here.


2.00 The Raz Brothers
2.30 Nige Rivers
3.00 Tony Bailey
3.30 Kalimoto
4.00 Ron Peploe
4.30 Butterflies On Strings


5.00 Fake The Attack!
6.00 The Misnomer
7.00 The Johnsons
8.00 Between The Lines
9.00 The Marvels
10.00 Innogen
11.00 The Hey Lows


Midnight Immerss
12.40 Golden Pernicious
1.20 GCee

Many thanks to all 16 performers who were ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !! I had a wonderful day and so did everyone else - this gig is now legendary in the town.


  • ’ Better than any other gig over the last 18 months’ - Dizzy Blonde
  • ’ You pulled it off fantastically – making it look effortless ’ - Jane (Pog and Jane)
  • ’ We would be more than happy to do anything with you in the future ’ - Fake The Attack!
  • ’ I like what you’re doing here ’ - Butterflies On Strings
  • ’ Thanks for letting us play - you did an awesome job! ’ - Between The Lines
  • ’ You should do this sort of thing more often ’ - The Hey Lows
  • ’ A monster gig ’ - Jaison, The Light Lounge
  • ’ We’re still buzzing from that one ’ - Ellis (3 days later)
  • ’ I cant believe how calm you’re being about all this ’ - Mrs Raz
  • ’ A lovingly put together CD ’ - Basingstoke Gazette
  • ’ A fantastic nite ! I’d love to play one of your nights again ’ -Immerss
  • ’ You should be very proud of yourself ’ - Gary Cee


Have a look at ITV Meridian whilst it is online.... - you need to go to Thames Valley Tonight. then play the 07/11/07 - Evening broadcast. You are forced to watch a 30 second advert. Then press the SKIP button (the show is in 2 parts). You are then forced to watch another 30 second advert. Part 2 starts and it is 4mins30seconds in.


The CD is available from the following fine places :

Area 51, Church Street
Bartons Mill, Old Basing
Beacons Restaurant, London Road
BCOT (Canteen), Worting Road
The Bounty, Bounty Road
Daisychain Gifts, Viables
Dawsons Music, Festival Place
Foodsmiths, Top of Town
Gamestation, Festival Place
Innovations, The Malls
The Light Lounge, Top of Town
Petras Jewellers, Viables
Queen Marys College (Student Union), Cliddesden Road
Sleepers Wine Bar, The Station
Taylor Made Mens Grooming, Top of Town
The White Hart, London Road
Wu Sung Dan, Top of Town
Wykeham Artworks, Viables


For the first time known - every penny of your £5 CD purchase goes to charity. You end up with a great double CD, St. Michaels Hospice get your fiver - and you've paid for nothing on the CDs, not the shrinkwrap, not the artwork and the organiser, artists and retailers receive not one penny.

This is a double CD - with a 12 page full colour booklet - 38 tracks in all. The track listing can be found above.


All the artists have donated, royalty-free, their track on the CD.

The cover artwork, backgrounds for the booklet and launch poster/flyer have been created by a Basingstoke artist. Free of charge.

The booklet and back cover layout has been put together by a Basingstoke graphic designer. Gratis. Check his photos link for some snaps from the launch gig.

Pre-mastering was done by Ellis Misnomer. Free again.

Robbie Fraser also assisted with the pre-mastering. Free.

Nige Rivers got the flyers done. Donated.

Raz put it in The Observer for weeks. Did a radio broadcast and plugged it. Has sent it off to be reviewed. Got a review in to The Gazette. He's also done 'one hundred percent mashed' which you can hear on his page.

Jane has arranged for the CD to be sold in shops I didn't have time to get to. Leon has got it into some places. Karl and Marc both got it in to a shop. There are 400 CDs yet to be placed - suggestions welcome.

Jaison sorted out a whacking great banner over the top of the Light Lounge. The Light Lounge also paid for adverts in The Observer.

Dizzy Blonde Productions did a fantastic job with the backline, lighting and sound at the Launch Gig. Brilliant.

Jane (of Pog and Jane repute) decorated The Light Lounge for the launch gig and well good it looked too.

Abbi and Dom did bucket collection at the launch gig. The buckets have been dropped off at the Hospice and they will let us know how much was collected.

Raz, John Rockbitch and Jaison did the compere duties at the launch gig.

Ann took some photos at the gig - check her photos link. She also filmed 2 songs from The Raz Brothers set.

Arron filmed from 2.30-7pm, some great videos on the way. Many thanks.

ITV Meridian also filmed some of the gig and there was extensive coverage in The Observer, The Gazette and on Kestrel FM.


Planet Duplication in Basingstoke Planet Duplication in Basingstoke have really helped to make this possible. Their quote was amazing, their service has been beyond superb and the finished product is a beauty. They are top banana, if you need something pressed up, give them a look.

Thanks to The Light Lounge in Basingstoke for their very generous donation ! They have done a shedload and also offered their venue for the 12 hour CD launch party on Saturday November 3rd.

Connexus Distribution in Basingstoke Thanks to Connexus Distribution in Basingstoke for their very generous donation ! They are EPOS System Distributors for IBM, Epson, CNX, Metrologic, Citizen +. Give them a call on 01256 359800 to see if they have what you need.

Basingstoke Kickboxing Organisation Thanks to the Basingstoke Kickboxing Organisation for their very generous donation ! Basingstoke Kickboxing Organisation train at the Irish Centre Basingstoke on Thursdays. Instructors are Ron Peploe, Rob Read and Dorian Thomkins. They train in freestyle kickboxing and compete regularly around the country. For more info contact

Thanks to The Meeble Foundation for their very generous donation ! The Meeble Foundation are (or is, or maybe).

It's 100% Basingstoke. 100% our town. With 100% sales going to a Basingstoke charity because we've all got to look after each other eh ? - Community Website - New community website with video streaming, audio streaming, a gig calendar and more !


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