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Basingstoke Live 2008

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  • 'The involvement this year of 100% Music has transformed this festival'.
  • Attendance increase of 4,000 to 10,000.
  • 5000 CDs given away before and during the festival featuring every artist in the 100% Tent.
  • Majority of gigs organised for the Fringe Festival.
  • Official after show party organised by 100% Music - MASSIVE gig !

Basingstokes very own record company – onehundredpercentmusic Ltd – organised their own tent - the 100% Tent for Basingstoke Live Festival 2008. 

This is a free, 2 day festival held in the centre of Basingstoke at the Memorial Park.

In 2008 it ran from :

Saturday 12th July : 1pm - 10.30pm
Sunday 13th July : 1pm - 7.30pm

The organisers said ' The involvement this year of 100% Music has transformed this festival'. The attendance went from 4,000 to 10,000.

Adding value to their appointment - 100% Music distributed a free CD before and during the festival - featuring every band appearing in the 100% Tent. This is unprecedented at any festival and with a run of 5000 units - 100% Music continue to innovate and inspire.

 Basingstoke LIVE Festival - FREE 3 Day Outdoor Festival

Here is a PDF of the leaflet distributed.

And here is a PDF of the excellent fringe which was put together with massive involvement from 100% Music.

Official festival site is here - 

The 100% Basingstoke Double album - with all proceeds going to St Michaels Hospice – has been a huge success. Lauded as ‘gig of the year’ - with features on the radio and Meridian TV – and now available worldwide on iTunes - Basingstokes music talent has never been better recognised, within the town or outside of it.
Also in the tent – artists from the 100% Reading double album brought a fresh crop of quality performers to the festival. With a strong emphasis on diversity – artists from onehundredpercentmusic were found on every stage this year.
Check the pages on the left for the 100% Tent lineup for Saturday and Sunday.
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