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100% Music started out their record company life compiling music from the towns Loz has lived in.

100% Basingstoke was the first one. This is a 38 track Double CD and started getting worked on in August 2007 and came out in November 2007. Originally intended to feature 10 bands my mates were in - from the town I was living in - word got out, people came out of the woodwork - and this is the result. It was groundbreaking in the town, you can read more about it on the page - and it is a funky release as every penny from the sales went to St Michaels Hospice in Basingstoke.

That was supposed to be the end of that. 2 weeks later I missed the buzz of putting something together, so started having a look at Reading in Berkshire. Born there, raised there, drunk there, in bands there and having lived there for 22 years before moving to Basingstoke, I figured - why not ?

100% Reading took a whopping 5 months to compile. Single-handedly as always. No favours, no mates, no idea what was going on in the town - and I struck gold. The 100% series of town/city albums was supposed to continue but despite umpteen scouting missions around the towns and cities of the UK since - I still have not found a more thriving town musically than Reading. So there's no point going backwards ! Reading is awesome and the double CD is one of the most diverse and accomplished compilations I have ever heard.

I got asked to be involved with the Basingstoke Live Festival soon after the Reading album was released. I put forward the idea of expanding the festival from having one main stage - to adding a dance tent and a 100% Tent - and they agreed.

I went in to overdrive with the promotion for this one, with only 3 months to do things I found the bands and programmed the tent for 2 days. I badgered the heck out of the radio and newspapers, went large on the Facebook, spoke to anyone who would listen and did all I could to unite the town. I also compiled a 17 track CD which featured every band booked to appear in the tent. Unique ! Never before seen at any festival ! I got 5000 of these made up and distributed for free before and during the festival - it worked - attendance up from 4,000 to 15,000 in one year.

I'm doing the tent (but not the CD) again in 2009. It is a great album and after 3 belters, I'm leaving that side of things there for now.

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